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Options Alerts

We are devoted to the study of stock options flow. Our text alerts will provide you recommendations based on option flow analysis.

Swing Trades

Daily Swing Trading Alerts sent ahead of price breakouts based on technical trend analysis and option volume flow

Futures Alerts

Futures Contracts Trading Alerts based on pivot and volume at price indicators

IPO Alerts

Obtain recommendations to Initial Public Offerings


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How Our Option Alerts work



Real-time SMS Text Alerts


We offer full transparency on all of our Option recommendation alerts.


We send 2-4 real time text alerts twice daily. First alert sent before market opens and second alert sent last hour before market closes.


Our alerts are:


  • Short term swings 3-5 days
  • Long term swings,
  • Earnings alerts,
  • Lotto alerts (cheap option contracts expiring same day) and
  • Futures alerts




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Private Trading Room


We discuss all these trades actively in our private trading room.


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Recent Social Media


Recommendation delayed alert posts are shared in social media. Only active subscribers receive these alerts real-time






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