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Two SMS live alerts daily: first alert at open market and another alert before market closes. Each alert comes with suggested entry, stop loss and target

Latest Sneaky Order Flow

SOFI MAR1 2024 8C Detected 01/26/2024 13:56PM MST
Updated as of 1/28/2024 09:22 AM MST

Upcoming Earnings (delayed)

SOXL 37P buy write. AMD ITM 160C/170C due for pullback. 

INTC 55C and 42P OTM strangle from sneaky trader calling for flat.  

V 300C/270P

WDC 63C/68C spreads 

KLAC 830C/780C spreads, pop and flat 

AXP 195C 

BMI 125C ITM bearish

SPY flow: put leaning 4B MOC

TSLA flat likely

IBM identical chart to NOW, LRCX. 200C/165P

NOW see above  for chart. 800C. Pop and flat

LRCX see above for chart. Bearish

Updated as of 1/25/2024 07:22 PM MST

There's More

Also once you join Facebook or ST Premium Room group, there are additional daily watchlists, intraday commentaries and day trade scalp alerts posted daily.

Learn & Monetize Advanced Trading Concepts

New for 2023! We began implementing artificial intelligence alerts, these are alerts analyzed by custom option flow analyzer that come with exact real time entries and exits .

Additionally, as of this Q2 last year, we have began to leverage Phantom Dark Pool Prints (Private Exchange Equity Block Analysis), Deep ITM Put Flow Strategies as well as Chart Sequencing (Candle Order Sequencing Analysis), FlashTrade and Chart Forepatterns) which have generated great ideas. Below are some recent examples.

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